Saturday, March 3, 2012

Color Scheme

When I thought about what I wanted our wedding to look like, I really struggled with a "theme." I thought for sure that if I had a theme (like a beach theme, Halloween, etc), I'd be more comfortable planning things, and I'd be able to find more inspiration.

First up was our beach incarnation theme, where I planned place cards tied to starfish, and sandcastle centerpieces. Then I realized that while we live at the beach and love it, we don't spend all of our time there, and it's just not us.

Second up was probably the most out there theme. We love Halloween, and it's easy for us to get caught up in the moment. I started planning candy corn cocktails, dead tree centerpieces, and haunting music for the dj to play. While we love Halloween, we both stopped short one day wondering if we'd be able to capture the true beauty of our day, or if we'd be overridden by the overall creepy feeling of Halloween. That ended that phase.

One day, Silas mentioned that perhaps I should open myself up to the idea of just finding colors I liked, and keeping the theme open. This was probably for the best. I saw this photo one day on Pinterest and fell in love.

First, the bouquet is amazing. Those are cabbage roses, and just really beautiful. It's exactly what I picture myself walking down the aisle with.

I also love the table setting. It's vintage and romantic, but probably not exactly what we're going for. Regardless, I was drawn in.

Also pretty amazing was this bout and suit combination. I love the idea of bringing in cotton, as it's so natural, and the rose with it really makes it pop.

I guess where all this is going is that Silas and I both agreed to a color scheme of a dark gray, a light pink, and white. We both think the gray will balance out the ultra feminine pink and white. It also allows me to pursue a kind of vintage romantic feel for our wedding while still staying away from falling down the "theme" rabbit hole again.

What color schemes did you use for your wedding?