Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dress Hanger

One of the benefits of unrelentingly stalking Pinterest is that you always find something amazing. Recently, I've been drooling over the personalized dress hangers! You can see some of the ones I've drooled over here and here.

So one day not long ago, I stumbled over something that said one day sale on personalized hangers. I snatched one up quickly, and I'm proud to announce... it's finally here!

I'm really looking forward to getting ready the day of our wedding, looking towards the future. This hanger, while small, symbolizes such a big thing for me. Our wedding day is the day I'll step out of my "old life" and into my new life with Silas. The future looks so bright. 

What were the little things that really reinforced the idea of your upcoming marriage? Did you have one big moment, or a bunch of little things that brought it home?