Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And Now! Yarn as my Centerpiece of Choice!

For a while, I've struggled with what to do for our centerpieces. As I mentioned previously in my post dedicated to candlelight, I knew I wanted lots of candles on the table, but I also really wanted flowers to soften things up.

On pinterest (big surprise!) I found some inspiration pictures for many different varieties of centerpieces. Here are just a few that I found appealing:

Birch Bark Sleeves (Image via WeddingbyColor)

Simple Glass Vases (Image via Google Images)

Milk Glass (Image via Emmaline Bride)

Admittedly, I find myself to be a big fan of milk glass. I think it looks pretty, and I've even gone so far as to purchase some pieces for myself in small antique shops. However, we have a white dining table, and we plan to use white tablecloths, so I started to realize that milk glass just wasn't going to pop like I was hoping. 

That's when, just this weekend, I came across this image on pinterest. 

Yarn Wrapped Bottles (Image via Penelope and Pip)

I kept thinking to myself that I have a bunch of empty glass bottles, and wasn't I looking for something to do with them? The tutorial for the yarn wrapped bottles was so easy to follow, I didn't think twice about it. I ran out, grabbed some yarn (because you know I keep a running supply of Mod Podge and foam brushes in my house right?) and got down to business. The result is...

I plan on doing this to many bottles, but as some of you might be able to tell, I started with the glass coke bottles (I'm still trying to dwindle down my obsession so I can actually fit into a wedding dress - feeling fancy and getting 8oz of Coke instead of 20oz is a nice trade off!).

Many of the commenters mentioned that restaurants will give you their empty wine bottles at the end of the weekend, so I plan on stopping and asking a few if they would mind. I love this upcycling!

What are you planning to do for your centerpieces? Is Pinterest giving you centerpiece whiplash?