Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Details: Guest "Book" Tree Tags

As you know, our plan is to have a magnolia tree (one that's alive, and not dead like our current one!) that our guests can hang their advice on a happy marriage, funny notes for the future, and general messages of love and good luck.

I realize that we are still 222 days away from our wedding as of today. But sometimes, I get off track from my vision of our wedding day, and I need to work on these little projects to keep me grounded. For me, a celebration is in the details. I love looking at photos of weddings and noticing the little things that really make a wedding look amazing.

So today, I tackled our guest tree tags. For Yule this past year, Si got me a letterpress machine. I think letterpress looks amazing, so when I stumbled across a DIY letterpress kit at AC Moore, I knew I had to have it. Here's what it looks like:

Note to all of you considering doing the same: you CAN use a 50% off coupon on this baby, making it an easy $80. In addition to letterpress, it also does embossing and diecutting, which is my main reason for mentioning it in this post. 

See those "circles" sitting on the plates in the lower left? I used the largest and the smallest dies to get the perfect circles. I just used some left over paper from another project I was working on (more to come on that!), and die cut about 80 of those circles. You can run about 3 sheets of paper through the machine at a time. Then, I thread some ribbon through the holes, and left the top open so that guests can tie them on the tree. 

Here is what they look like (all personal photos):

The circles are perfect, because they are large enough for guests to write on, and they are also pretty sturdy because I used card stock. Our plan is that when our wedding is over, and we've gotten everything back to the house, that we'll take the ribbons out, and bind all of the circles together into one little book of advice and well wishes. It will be an amazing keepsake of our big day!

There are so many great guest book ideas out there, it was almost impossible to choose just one. Is there a guest "book" idea that you've narrowed in on?