Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Tree is Dead Already

Our magnolia tree arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation two weeks ago, and honestly, the reason why I didn't post anything about it was because it looked... well, dead. They arrive in a "dormant state", and so they can look "dead" and still be very much alive. I planted our tree with lots of hope, and only a smidgeon of distrust of this "dormant" state.

As these two weeks have passed, I've lost most of my hope on this tree actually growing. If anything, it looks more dead now than when it arrived! I'm really hoping this isn't a horrible sign. I've always been bad with plants, but surely I can't have killed our wish/advice/love tree right??

I'm calling the Arbor Day Foundation tomorrow. Hopefully this is a minor hiccup in the plan, and we'll be back on track in no time. Still, it makes me terribly sad. Here we are, bopping along on our merry wedding planning way, and poof. Dead tree comes and mucks it all up. Here's a shot of the tree, just to ensure you know that I'm not being melodramatic. It really is dead y'all.