Saturday, March 10, 2012


Both Silas and I felt that choosing the photographer was the most important decision that we'd make for our wedding day. The photographer provides the proof of memories, and acts as your eyes when you can't look in 10 different directions at once. A good photographer captures the emotion of the moment as well as the look.

While browsing through some photography in Myrtle Beach (back when we thought we might have the wedding here), I stumbled across a photo that I thought was absolutely breathtaking.

This photo (complements of Ryan Smith Photography) is exactly how I want to look on our wedding day, with the dress, a sunset, and contemplative thoughts about the future. I feel like I'm standing right in front of this bride.

I did a bit more research, but kept coming back to this photo, and others by Ryan. When we decided to get married down in Charleston, I looked around at photographers, and while I found others with similar styles, they were all at least 2-3 times the price that Ryan was asking.

So of course, I dropped Ryan an email requesting information on whether he'd be willing to come down to Charleston to shoot our wedding because I was so in love with his photography. And he said yes! Not only that, but he had just done engagement photos for a couple getting married at Magnolia in December - you can check out some of those on his blog post about their engagement shoot.

Without further ado, I scheduled a meeting between him, myself and Silas, we got together, and I practically had to drag Silas out of the meeting, because the two of them were nerding it up. Perfect fit!

Just in case anyone is wondering, we also were extremely happy with Ryan's packages, some of which included full resolution digital files of our entire day, which we did go with. Having professional photography is something most people won't have done very often in their lives, so we didn't want to skimp on getting the best bang for our budget.

Many thanks to Ryan Smith Photography! We're looking forward to having you capture our special day!