Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ceremony Inspiration

The ceremony part of a wedding is kind of a big deal. I mean, it's the moment when you actually "become" husband and wife. So the ceremony, in my eyes, has to be amazing, and also represent the couple themselves.

We'd like to represent our pagan traditions with a handfasting, which, while not inherently pagan, has been chosen by many others married before us to differentiate themselves from other religious ceremonies that unite a husband and wife. After researching a number of handfasting wording online, we've decided to go with the one closest to this one, with a few minor changes. As for the cords themselves, we have a plan for those too.

We also plan to do something fairly unique with the "aisle". We stumbled across a photo on pinterest of a spiral aisle, and thought the symbolism of growth, renewal, and eternity was really amazing. This also allows us to be literally surrounded by our family and friends during the big moment.

(Image via Bustled)

Combining the spiral aisle (a little quirky), and our handfasting, I think our ceremony will be first for many of our guests. We're planning on putting together a small info sheet so that guests aren't completely confused!