Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finding My Dress

This post won't contain any photos of my dress, as this is Silas's blog too, and I'm too worried he might accidentally see the dress this way. I did want to talk about my dress shopping experience though.

When I went dress shopping for the first time, I brought along one person - my little sister, Chrissy. I wanted to try on dress shapes, because I knew what I was looking for, but since I had never worn a big white dress, I wanted to be sure that it would look good for when I asked my Mom and Si's mom to accompany me.

I walked into David's Bridal, and let them know my price range, and pointed out some styles that I had liked, but that were a little beyond what I was looking to spend. Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

One thing was pretty clear from all of my photos. I was looking for a sweetheart neckline, and a full bottom, with a natural waist. Since I'm "bottom heavy", this seemed like it would be a great dress to help me cover flaws.

After trying on a few dresses in different silhouettes, the initial idea for my dress remained the same, so... yippy! The consultant brought out one more dress, to try on, and since on the hanger it was my "ideal" shape I tried it on even though I was sure it wouldn't work for me. And then... it did. It worked in amazing ways. Pulling me in at the waist, and giving me full body on the bottom. Being classic enough to carry through time, but also highlight my personality. Of course, they set right to work and tossed a veil on top of that... and that was it for me. I felt like a "bride", whatever that crazy statement means.

The story doesn't end there though. Remember that I was only with one person? That I had planned to bring my mom and Si's mom along on this journey? Now I felt as though I had betrayed them, by finding what I was sure was my dress, without them. Fighting against my own wants, I left the store without my dress.

I won't keep you hanging on this one. I started having nightmares that my dress was no longer available, so I called my mom and Si's mom and 'fessed up to trying on dresses without them (only to get a better idea of what I needed to focus in on when I went with them!). I told them I was calling the store, and placing my order that day, because I couldn't get it out of my head. I did, and it worked out fine. (Thank goodness!)

More to come when my dress arrives! How was your dress shopping experience? Did you find it when you weren't looking?