Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Dance

I had thought that it would be fun to take some dance classes, so we signed up for intro classes at Fred Astaire dance studio. And it was amazing. We got out of the house, and danced for 45 minutes every week for 3 weeks. It was so fun, to learn different styles of dance, and just have fun with it. It gave us a "break" from wedding planning, even though we probably wouldn't have done it if it weren't for the wedding.

The thing is, Silas and I dance often. Here's a photo of us dancing together at my mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary.

Most of our dances are silly, impromptu dances, in the middle of our living room. So when it comes down to it, our first dance should be a breeze right? Wrong. For some reason, this dance feels so much more important than your random spin around the living room.

Our first dance after we've become married is the moment that opens up dances for all of the rest of lifes moments. The moments that make us laugh, make us cry, and the moments where we are content to just "breathe" together. I want the first dance to convey how I feel about Silas, body and soul. So the truth is, we may start out, perfectly planned and in step. Then, in a beat, one of us is going to miss a step, and the other one will pick up the step, or mess up right alongside. Eventually, we'll end up just swaying together to the beat, 7th grade style. And it will be perfectly imperfect. Just like a marriage.