Saturday, April 28, 2012

Handfasting Cords

One of the rituals we'll be incorporating into our ceremony is a handfasting. While originally part of Celtic culture signifying an intent to marry, or a betrothal of sorts, it's become interwoven into pagan wedding celebrations in recent years. Not only is it a beautiful ritual which will mean a lot to us as a couple, but it's also comfortable enough for our guests to be witness to, which was a concern for us. We'll also be including some information for guests in our program, so that they may follow along.

The ritual itself consists of the bride and groom joining hands (right to right, left to left), forming a symbol of infinity with their bodies. Then, as they speak their vows, cords are wrapped around their hands, and a knot is tied, symbolically binding themselves to each other. The cords themselves become treasured keepsakes of the bond, and we plan to frame ours with a photo of the ceremony.

We looked into cords online to get an idea of what options were out there, and for reasons of color and added items, we decided to make our own. It was a really easy process!

First, I picked up 6 bundles of embroidery floss in each color (white, light pink, and charcoal gray), 2 embroidery floss rings (usually used for holding spools of the floss), and scissors, because we can never find ours.

handfasting cords, diy handfasting cords

I took the embroidery floss, doubled it over, and then doubled it over again. This provided a length about 6 feet long, which was perfect. I knotted each color on the ring, and then hung it from a hook, while I did a simple braid. I took a photo in the process, as well as completed while still on the ring, so you could see.  (Apologies for the quality of the photos, they are phone photos!)

handfasting cords, diy handfasting cordshandfasting cords, diy handfasting cords

And finally, I took this photo the next morning, off the ring. The cord doesn't look nearly as long as it really is, because in the end, the cord is about 5.5 feet long. We'll be trimming the end off, but for right now, we're tracking down a few pendants we'd like to hang from the end.

handfasting cords, diy handfasting cords