Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Music

We have struggled quite a bit with where to go for our wedding music. Our space doesn't have a built in sound system (we could only be so lucky!), so we thought it may be helpful to write out the pros and cons of each idea that we have, hopefully leading us to a decision.

DJ - The Obvious Choice:

  • Pro: Can lead guests from dinner to dancing to dessert, with flair and finesse. 
  • Pro: Awesome sound equipment!
  • Pro: Wide selection of music available to guests if they haven't requested ahead of time.
  • Con: The horror stories of bad dj's are epic. 
  • Con: Need we mention the cost?
  • Con: Space: DJ's take up quite a bit of space.

Jukebox - The Vintage/Retro Choice:

  • Pro: Smallish machine, little space required. 
  • Pro: Can load with music that we prefer, and have regular party music. 
  • Con: What if the jukebox stops playing? How awkward!
  • Con: You can only customize 30% of the music. That leaves the possibility for the chicken dance.

"IPod" Wedding - The Budget Conscious Choice: 

  • Pro: Full control over the playlist - no possibility of chicken dance. 
  • Pro: No annoying light effects or other annoyances that might come with a dj.
  • Con: No emcee. Need someone to drive guests to partake in activities during the night. 
  • Con: Need audio rental for speakers and microphone. Less of a budget savvy choice.

Honestly, we still have a dilemma here. We have heard from so many people that are/were unhappy with their dj's, that we heavily shy away from it, even though it's the plan with the least technical issues possible.  In a perfect world, we would have an mp3 player, and 2 back up laptops, a decent sound system, and one of our good friends would announce the timing of certain activities. We're just unsure whether that's a possibility! 

Did any of you regret your musical selection for your wedding? What choice did you make, and how long did it take you to get there?