Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Dress is In!

My dress finally came in! This past week, I've been in Rochester for my every eight week stint at URMC.  Right before I left, I got a call from David's Bridal letting me know that my dress had come in, and I asked them to hold on shipping it to me, and let me come in and try it on. It was perfect! I wish I could post a photo, but I've promised Silas that I would keep it a secret from him.

I brought along my lovely blue shoes, as well as fitting undergarments for the dress. It fit like a glove, so the alterations I'll need are extremely minimal. The one thing that did throw off my perception was the veil, so I will note to keep an open mind when trying on all of your accessories. Unless it has been steamed, which mine wasn't, you can really get a skewed perception of the veil you chose.

That's my exciting news! The dress has since arrived and is hanging in it's garment bag in our closet!