Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reception Inspiration

For our reception, there are a lot of photos out there for inspiration for centerpieces, food, etc, but I really feel as though you need to sit down and have a chat with your significant other and decide how you'd like to "feel" during your reception. When we talked about our reception, we came up with a couple key components.

  • It has to be casual, not stiff and stuffy. 
  • It has to be fun, but not ridiculously loud, so that we can still move around and talk with our guests without having to scream. 
  • It has to be cute. (I admit, this one was all me.)
A few of these ideas are reflected in my pins below. 

(Image via ThePlungeProject)

(Image via Bridal Musings)

So, coming up in the next few weeks, I'll be talking about how I plan to make these things a reality at our reception! What about you? Is there a "feel" that you're going for for your reception?