Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dessert Stands

We've decided to stay away from the traditional wedding cake, and we're doing a dessert table instead. I wanted to have a really beautiful presentation to take our guests' minds off of the missing wedding cake, and so I really wanted to have cute dessert stands. On Pinterest (of course!) I came across the tutorial from Centastional Girl and her DIY Dessert Stands.

I really loved the look of them, even though I'm not as open to color, haha! I set off to the Goodwill one morning and happened to find some of the supplies I was looking for. (I've since also gotten supplies from the dollar store, and they worked just as well!)

After lots of ridiculous spray painting (lots of thin coats makes sure there are no drips, but causes forearm fatigue!) and drop cloth disasters, I applied the silicone sealant, and got these wonderful stands!

(Not food safe. Make sure to put something between these stands and the food you are serving!)

Are you going the traditional cake route, or are you going for a dessert bar, or something more adventurous than I could dream of?