Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh for the Love of Paper Lanterns

Have I mentioned my undying love for paper lanterns? I really do think that they just brighten up a space. Hence, I'd like to incorporate them into our wedding decor. And... Magnolia just happens to have these big beams in the Conservatory, perfect for hanging lanterns from. And they had nothing to do with our final decision... nothing at all. ;)

Anyways, we're currently working on pulling together a variety of paper lanterns to hang in a bunch above each table, similar to this image:

(Image via PotteryBarn Kids)

So far, for each set, we've decided on one 12 in pink lantern, one 8in white lantern, one 12 in gray lantern, and one dary gray tissue pom. Here are some photos for perspective:

(Pink Lantern - Image via      (White Lantern - Image via       


(Gray Lantern - Image via                   (Gray Pom - Image via       

I feel like the lanterns will make a huge impact in the room, without being too overwhelming. There will be twelve groupings, overtop of the twelve tables, with enough room for a really tall person to stand up and not hit their head on one. It's also a great way to fill in that huge amount of space between the tables and the amazing ceiling beams. Are you doing anything with your "vertical space?"