Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Calligraphy Maps - Part 2

In the continuation of our calligraphy maps, Si and I headed out to Kinko's to have them printed on a thick, pure white piece of paper, to wrap around the maps.

We printed them on 11x17, 90 lb weight paper that had a slight sheen. They were out of our first choice paper with no sheen, but this worked out fine anyway. Apologies for no shots of before we cut them, but they had an awesome paper cutter there, so we made ourselves right at home and cut them all there! Here is how they looked when we got them home:

And after we scored them and notched the corners for easier folding:

And here they all folded up, with rounded corners:

And when you open up the map, inside is our beautiful invite, and hanging tags with information! I'll reveal those when all of our guests have received them, so stay tuned!

I'm absolutely thrilled that we were able to pull this off. Many, many thanks to Natalie for being so patient with me while we figured out how to make this work.